Jase "The Ace"


 The 2014 XFC was held at the Academy of Model Aeronautics Headquarters in Muncie, Indiana once again. It is always a great place to have the event in the wide open site! This year was the 12th anniversary event. It took place June 13th-15th. This year was a little different in the criteria and format. Instead of doing the usual 4-Minute Known choreographed to music with three required known maneuvers and the 4-Minute Freestyle, this year there was a 3-Minute Known, a 3-Minute Freestyle, and a 3-Minute Smack. The Known included four maneuvers and was not flown to music. The knowns were pretty interesting because of the no music and uniqueness of the maneuvers:

2014 XFC Airplane Known Maneuvers

Flown in the order listed!!   The competitor must complete all maneuvers in his 3 minute flight window.   If a maneuver is not completed, it will be a downgrade to his overall score.

Spin/Waterfall Combo
The model enters inverted from either direction.  Centered in front of the pilot, the model performs 2 consecutive flat spins (1 in each direction). Immediately following the second spin, the model performs an outside waterfall back to inverted.  The model immediately performs 2 flat spins (1 in each direction) as performed in the beginning of the maneuver.

Judging will be based on:

  1. The centering and flatness of the spins
  2. The heading going into and out of each of the spins
  3. The heading going in and out of the waterfall
  4. All headings must be the same between each element of the maneuver


Loop/Waterfall combo
The model enters upright from either direction.  Centered in front of the pilot, the model enters a loop, performing (1 roll - integrated) in the first 180 degrees.  At the top of the loop, the model slows down and executes (1) outside waterfall (inverted to inverted).  After the waterfall, the model completes the second half of the loop with (1 roll - integrated) in the opposite direction.

Judging will be based on:

  1. The centering and symmetry of the loop
  2. The heading going into and out of the loop
  3. Roll rates throughout the loop must be consistent
  4. The beginning and exit altitudes must be the same


Four point roll with opposite snaps
The model enters the sequence with a positive snap followed by the 1st of a 4 point roll in the opposite direction to knife edge.  At this 90 degree point, the model then performs an (opposite) positive snap back to knife edge and then executes the 2nd of the 4 points to inverted.  The model then executes a negative snap roll followed by a ¼ roll to the 3rd point which ends up in knife edge. The maneuver then continues with an opposite negative snap roll to knife edge, and then executes a ¼ roll to upright followed by a positive snap back to upright.    All roll directions are the same, and all snap directions are the same but in the opposite direction.  Each snap roll is 360 degrees, and each roll is 90 degrees.

  1. Judging will be based on:

    1. Altitude and heading deviations throughout the maneuver
    2. Roll and snap rates being consistent
    3. Centering of the maneuver in front of the judges
    4. Over/under rotation of the rolls and snaps

    Spot landing
    The model lands from either direction.  On the “final” heading and upright, the model executes (2) half rolls back to upright (at 10’-15’ in height) and then lands on a spot in front of the pilot 6’wide and the width of the runway.  The landing must be in the direction of the runway.

    Judging will be based on:

    1. Precision of the (2) half rolls (height deviation and rotation speed)
    2. Deviations in approach headings
    3. Wing attitude at touchdown
    4. Hitting the target area with the main landing gear

The Freestyle was 3-Minutes and followed a certain criteria. I really enjoy the freestyle because it is very fun to fly in and push yourself to come up with something of your style and to keep improving. You can basically write a story with your flying and come up with a unique flow to your flight. It needs to have a good introduction (probably something to get people excited, some parts where the flight is really exciting, and high energy, there needs to be some spots where the flight is slower and taking up more airspace, some spots where the airplane is slowed down and stalled to show the full flight envelope, and also an exciting ending to the flight that gives the crowd something to remember ;) Here is the freestyle criteria:

Complete Use of the Flight Envelope Utilizing the Exploitation of Aerodynamic and Gyroscopic Forces (20K)

Execution of Individual Maneuvers (50K)

Wide Variety of Figures Flown on Different Axes and Flight Paths (30K)

Originality (30K)

Difficulty (50K)

Pleasing and Continuous Flow of Figures with Contrasting periods of Dynamic and Graceful Maneuvers (30K)

Choreography (50K)

Overall Positioning (20K)

Here is my final freestyle flight from the Sunday Finals thanks to Fred Midgett from Higher Plane Productions. The Extreme Flight 104 Extra is a freestyle monster and performed perfectly each flight in the knowns, unknowns, and the smack!:


The Smack was new this year and it also was 3-Minutes. This flight was designed to let the pilots go out and wring it out. There was no criteria on using the whole airspace or positioning. Music wasn't even required so there was no score on choreography or flow. The criteria was Precision (50K), Wow Factor (50K), and Wide Variety (40K).It was a very fun round to watch and the pilots had to push themselves to their best ability every flight. There were many close calls and sometimes there were pilots who pushed it a little too much. Here is a video of my Final Smack Flight courtesy of Fred Midgett from Higher Plane Productions:


2014 XFC Final Results:

1. Jase Dussia (Top center)

2. Gabriel Altuz (Top left)

3. Spencer Nordquist (Top right)

4. RJ Gritter (Bottom right)

5. Devin McGrath (Bottom second to right)

6. Joe Smith (Bottom second to left)

7. Ben Batts (Bottom left)

8. Chris Hass

9. Johnathan Jennings

10. Jacob Pollack

11. Zach Bloomquist

12. Kal Reifsnyder

13. Andrew Ritschel

14. Michael Leonard Jr.

15. Chris Thorpe

16. Jacob Ramsey

17. Matt Britt