Jase "The Ace"


May 9-17, 2014

This year was the 32nd annual Joe Nall event. It was held at Triple Tree Aerodrome in Woodruff, South Carolina. This year there were 1,484 registered pilots for the event (578 for the main line, 314 for the 3D line, 355 for the electric line, 81 for the main pond, 63 for helicopters, and 21 for control line). It was a great week of flying, hanging out with friends, and some good food too ;) Pat Hartness and all of Triple Tree did a fantastic job keeping the place in great shape, and making it a fun, smooth event!

Extreme Flight 94" MXS Prototype powered by the DA-70 at the 3D line:


Extreme Flight 74" Edge 540T Prototype:


Extreme Flight 74" Laser Prototype powered by the brand new DA-35!:


Thursday Noon Demo with the Extreme Flight 88" Edge 540T powered by the DA-70: