Jase "The Ace"

Special thanks to Probuild for the opportunity to go to the UK for Weston Park! We had a great time and hope we can do it again!

I was very amazed by the amount of spectators at Weston Park. I believe in just one day they had about 20,000 people come through the event which is awesome. There were a lot of incredible aircraft there from aerobatic planes, jets, warbirds, scale, pylon racers, helicopters, etc. There was even some cool full scale displays including aerobatic teams, aerobatic solos, and gliders. It was also very cool to see different parts of England and learn some of the history.

I flew a 104" Extra which was built by Probuild for this event. It had a DA-120 with MTW Re2 tuned pipes, Falcon 27x11, and MKS HBL380 servos. Although I had no time on the airplane, it still flew very well and held up great throughout the show. I also flew a Demonstrator Edge for the night flight which had an Aurora RC light kit.